Frequently Asked Questions


How is SendCaribe able to offer such low prices?
SendCaribe bundles together the purchasing power of many dealers in the Netherlands. This way we are able to purchase in larger volumes and we have an excellent negotiating position with suppliers. We pass this advantage on in our selling prices.
I want to place an order; what payment methods can I use?
At present you can only make payment via bank transfer.
My product appears to be damaged. What should I do?
It is very important that you follow the right procedure, in order to give the insurance company the right information about the claim. Please work through the points described in insurance .
Can my product also be delivered in the Netherlands?
We only deliver to addresses outside Europe. It is possible to place an order from within the Netherlands but the delivery address needs to be on one of the islands referred to previously.

Questions about the webshop

The webshop isn't working. What should I do?
It can happen occasionally that the webshop is out of action for an update. Please try again later. Should it still not be working please contact our customer service.
I don't understand how webshops work. Can I order over the phone instead?
Preferably not. If you send us your question via email then we can look into the product first and then advise you properly. We will answer you either via email or via telephone.
I don't know which is the best product for me. Can you help?
Yes, we can. We can imagine that you find it hard to make a choice if you are not sure precisely what you are looking for or if it is unclear to you which product best suits your situation. In that case you can contact our customer service. They will be pleased to help you.

Questions about payment

Something went wrong with my payment. What should I do?
Don't worry, just try again. Should the problem keep recurring then you should contact our customer service.
Can I also come and collect the product and pay direct?
Unfortunately that is not possible. We are not a shop so we don't have a till/ card reader and/or change. Products can be collected from our agents in the Antilles and in Surinam, but they have to be paid for in advance.
Will I receive a discount if I order a number of products at the same time?
In principle no, because we already offer highly competitive prices. However if you are in business and want to order in large volumes please contact our customer service to talk about the possibility of special arrangements and deals.
Can I also send the money from my own bank?
Of course! You can send the total amount using the payment method that you are familiar with. Via internet banking and/or via a payment instruction to your bank. In that case you should send the total amount (in euros) to our bank account using the IBAN no. NL39INGB0007956422 in the name of SendCaribe BV., (BIC no. INGBNL2A) making reference to your invoice number. As soon as your payment is received we will process your order.
What exchange rates are used?
The amount paid needs to be the same as the amount (in euros) on the invoice. The person making payment is responsible for sending the correct amount.
What costs are charged for?
SendCaribe calculates a total amount in euros. This includes clearance of the products, administration costs, transport and insurance.

Questions about the Order

Can I still cancel my order?
Once payment has been received we will dispatch the products that have been ordered. At that stage cancellation is no longer possible.
Can I also come and collect my order and pay direct?
Unfortunately that is not possible. We are not a shop so we don't have a till, card reader and/or change. Products can be collected by appointment from our agents in the Antilles and in Surinam, but they do have to be paid for in advance.
How long does delivery take?
That depends. If payment is made promptly the products will be dispatched on a previously stated date. Transport by ship takes between 2 and 3 weeks. Transport by plane takes between 1 and 2 weeks. Anticipate a few extra days for customs clearance in the Antilles or Suriname. SendCaribe cannot accept any responsibility for this. If the product is not in stock then we are dependent on the producer. In that case you will receive an email from us with an 'expected' delivery date.
When can I collect my order?
As soon as the order has been received by our agents and has been cleared by customs you will be contacted. You should then collect your order within 3 days, otherwise you may incur extra costs.
Why are minimum amounts referred to with the orders?
The reason SendCaribe applies minimum amounts is quite simple: the relationship between the actual shipping costs (which we have to pay to the carrier) would make the products ordered disproportionately expensive. If we didn't do this the prices of all our products would have to rise. We dispatch goods every Tuesday. Your list of products ordered including full payment needs to reach us at least 5 working days beforehand if your goods are to be dispatched on time.

Questions about the product

Will the product be delivered assembled, if applicable?
No. In order to keep the transport costs as low as possible we ship the products in handy boxes. This means that the products often need to be assembled by the customer. But assembly is always simple and logical! If need be a handbook is included.
Where can I find the user guide, if applicable?
Normally this is included in the box with the product you ordered. If this is not the case, or if you have lost the user guide, you can look up the product on the manufacturer's website. In many cases you will find a digital version of the user guide there. Most manufacturers have the user guides for their products on their website.
Can I also come and view or listen to the product?
Unfortunately that is not possible. SendCaribe offers the possibility of buying a variety of products via the internet; we have no showroom. This is in order to keep costs as low as possible, so that we can offer our products to you at extremely attractive prices!

Questions about delivery

I have placed an order but I haven't received anything. What should I do?
You have received an emailed confirmation from us. As soon as we receive your payment we proceed with your order. If the products you have ordered don't arrive you should contact our customer service immediately. Please have your invoice number at hand; this helps us deal with your enquiry quickly.
Can I also collect the product?
Yes, but only once you have received a message from our agent to say that your order has been cleared through customs. NB: a product that is collected still needs to be cleared and turnover tax has to be paid. The agency may also charge a fixed tariff. Don't forget your invoice number and proof of ID! Without the invoice number and proof of ID you will not be able to take delivery of your order.
Can I supply a different delivery address?
Yes. When you fill in your order you are asked for the invoice address and for a delivery address if it is different from the invoice address.